• Council Bluffs Iowa Electrical Handyman

    Whether you are attempting to install new light switches or need to rewire an area of your home or business, if you are in need of basic electrical services that are beyond your knowledge and abilities, you need a professional to complete the job. Loess Hills Handyman is your local connection to electrical handyman services to make sure the job is done safely and correctly.


    At Loess Hills Handyman, we pride ourselves in being able to assist you in completing any home or business repair, installation, or minor construction task. Our electrical work is completed by an expert handyman electrician who will make sure you understand each step of the process, and will create a quick and seamless experience in creating solutions for your home or business. Here are the handyman electrical jobs we specialize in:

    • Ceiling Fan connections

    • Interior lights connections

    • Exterior lights connections

    • Replace light fixtures

    • Replace smoke detectors

    • Install security cameras

    Council Bluffs Iowa electrician handyman
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