Closed-Circuit Cameras for Your Home or Business

Benefits of installing CCTV for your home or business

Closed -Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV cameras) are a very useful addition to your home or business that Loess Hills Handyman can install. Their benefits and areas of utilization are abundant, and below are the main points for you to know!

  • Help reduce crime and identify people
  • Monitor children and other family members in real time
  • Monitor external areas of your business and home
  • Watch over parking and garage areas/keep records of property events
  • Cameras can reduce insurance premiums by reducing vandalism and other crimes

CCTV Cameras Are A Crime Deterrent

CCTV cameras can be a great deterrent against potential thieves or people that may commit acts of vandalism for both your business and home. They provide a visual reminder to those wish to cause damage to your property that they are on camera, and that provides a deterant to them completing their intended actions. If someone commits a crime on your property


CCTV Cameras Monitor Family in Real-Time

CCTV cameras provide homeowners with real-time monitoring of a property.

Having the ability to observe live footage of your home gives you the peace of mind that there is someone, or in this case something, looking out for them at all times. One can monitor children at home and outside of the home, or monitor the activities of younger children at night. This can also help to monitor the activities of older adults who might need observation while you are away from your home, or in their own home

CCTV Cameras Watch Over Business Property

External CCTV cameras for businesses can also be an effective tool for keeping an eye on both parked vehicles, areas in your business, and as as areas around your business. These cameras can be helpful both for business hours and after business hours to keep your business and customers safe and feeling protected

CCTV Watch Over Garages and Vehicles

With surveillance in place, you can monitor your home garage and the cars in a parking area around your business. This footage can be crucial in the event of any type of vandalism or crime that occurs with your vehicles. These cameras work both day and night and can send alerts for triggering movement and activities. Some CCTV cameras are also equipped with two-way audio that allows users to communicate directly with any potential intruders or trespassers and warn them off the area. Very


CCTV Cameras Reduce Insurance Premiums

Homeowners can save money on their insurance premiums by installing CCTV cameras in their homes. Insurance companies often offer discounted rates for properties with CCTV cameras installed, as this usually reduces the risk of theft or damage to the property. In addition, the cameras can provide solid evidence if there ever is an insurance claim, which is part of the reason for the lowered premiums.



Overall, the addition of CCTV cameras to your home or business can be beneficial in many ways, and because this is a basic electrical setup, Loess Hills Handyman can complete the project for you per your specifications, so please call us if you or someone you know is interested in installing CCTV cameras for a home or business. We look forward to working with you soon!


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