Spring Deck Repair

Loess Hills Handyman is your best choice for Council Bluffs handyman services to repair or rebuild your deck!


As a home or business owner, you know there are always chores to be done around the property. If you have a deck, even a composite deck, you know the appearance matters, and safety of your deck matters even more. The Council Bluffs handyman deck repair professionals at Loess Hills Handyman are your best choice for deck repair or rebuild in the Council Bluffs Iowa/Omaha Nebraska metro area

Sometimes repairing or replacing a deck be a relaxing task if there is no dire need for the deck, or if that area is not currently utilized, but much of the time deck repair or deck rebuiliding can be quite challenging. You can fix minor issues independently, but more severe problems need professional handyman expertise. Deck repair professionals like the Council Bluffs handyman team at Loess Hills Handyman can accomplish the task quickly, safely, and up to code.

We offer deck refinishing, deck repair, and deck rebuilding services for your Council Bluffs and surrounding area home or business. Staining a wooden deck is essential each year to maintain the appearance and structure of the deck itself. A properly maintained wooden deck can last 15-20 years before there is a need to replace it. If your deck is at the point now, or if you foresee that in the near future,

minor or major deck repair is also an option. This might entail replacing the joists below the deck, boards on the deck, or a combination of both. If we deem the deck to be structurally unsafe and requiring additional resources, a deck rebuild would be the next practical step.

Wobbly decks, or decks that are structurally unsound, can't and should not be used by anyone at a home or business due to its either loose connections to the home or business or its structural integrity issues. We can attempt to reestablish the connection to the home or business, and we can attempt to replace the bracing or beams beneath the deck, but safety is the #1 issue, and we can assure you our Council Bluffs handyman deck repair team will make sure you, your family, and friends can enjoy a safe, good looking deck for years to come. We can also address any repair or deck replacement options concerning the repairing or replacing of composite or metal/steel/aluminum decking

Regardless of the need, Loess Hills Handyman is a Council Bluffs handyman you can count on to provide a wide variety of interior and exterior repairs, installations, and construction for a variety of items on your home maintenance list....deck repair and deck rebuild being two things we can do to help you! Please check out our previous blog entitled Backyard Carpentry, and look over our Council Bluffs deck repair page for more details on our deck repair and deck installation services. We look forward to being able to assist you soon!