Backyard Carpentry

While it is true that many outdoor items can usually fit in the garage, that is not ideal in many cases. Some families (mine included) have so much stuff in our garages, that we maybe can't fit one or more cars in our two car garage. Something has to give, and that is where a backyard shed can come in handy. A backyard shed can store those tools, that lawnmower, maybe some or all of your kids toys, and those summer backyard hosting items you might use for barbeques and celebrations. This frees up a tremendous amount of space in the garage to put that car when the spring or summer thunderstorms roll through the southwest Iowa area. We haven't had many bad hail storms recently, but back in 2011 when we had golf ball or larger hail, having an open garage would have been a true gift. Talking from personal experience here. Loess Hills Handyman does not only specialize in interior carpentry for walls, trim, and other decorative carpentry items, but our handyman team also specializes in the creation of backyard carpentry items like sheds. The Loess Hills Handyman Council Bluffs handyman team can also create a custom treehouse, picnic table, or any other basic items for you and your family. Please check out our previous blog entitled DIY Home Remodel vs Hiring a Professional, and please look over our Council Bluffs Carpenter page for more information on our carpentry services we can offer to you.